Alaska 2008

Edmonton, AB

31 July 2008

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Today was an easy day. We had intended this as a true rest stop before heading home. After this stop we will be doing overnight stops with the exception of Elkhart/Middlebury, IN. So what did we do? Very little, to be honest. After sleeping in a bit in the morning, we just lazed the trailer until lunch. After lunch we went to the West Edmonton Mall, the world's largest mall, and walked around. We had been here in 2005 so I didn't take any new pictures as the main attractions remained unchanged.

After leaving the mall, we went to Spruce Grove to get some additional groceries and stopped at Home Depot for material to repair a problem with the trailer. Yesterday, when I was setting up the trailer, I noticed that one of the metal straps holding the pipes coming out of our waste holding tanks was broken. I didn't have the pipe strap I needed, nor was I going to try to repair it in the rain, so I held it up with a bungy cord. The repair only took about 20 minutes to complete. I had this problem occur to me on old motor home and it let go as we were driving on I-95 in Connecticut. When the pipe let go, it dumped my holding tanks all over the Jeep I was towing. No need to describe this... use your imagination. This time, I caught it before another embarrassing moment.

The weather today was, in a word, beautiful. Clear blue skies and the temperature reached into the low 70s. It allowed us to leave the door open and get some fresh air into the trailer. Unfortunately, this could be another one of Mother Nature's teasers because the long range forecast for our route calls for thunderstorms for the next few days. I am not a strong believer in long range forecasts, but, I'm not looking forward to long days on the road with bad weather. Maybe the weather forecasters will be wrong, I understand that happens occasionally.

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