Chile - Peru 2009

Cusco, Peru

14 November 2009

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A quiet day in Cusco. There were no planned activities so Susie and I walked around town. Susie was looking for that illusive piece of indigenous art that would capture her attention. Unfortunately for me, she found some. We walked down El Sol, one of the main commercial streets in Cusco and found a weavers cooperative and museum not too far from our hotel. I looked at the museum and Susie got to shopping. She found a woven tapestry and some other crafts plus a bunch of smaller items to take home as gifts.

This evening we went to the theater. The show was called Kusikay and was similar to a Cirque de Soleil show, combining music and dance to depict a Peruvian story. The actors used few words in the show so language was not a problem. It was a fun show and we later learned that we saw the final performance.

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