Chile - Peru 2009

Santiago, Chile

6 November 2009

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A relatively easy day. The rest of the US cousins arrived this morning and settled in to the hotel (also known as taking a nap to overcome the lack of sleep from an overnight flight). After greeting the cousins, my brother Arye, cousin Sam, Susie and I went to Los Domenicos, an artisan area surrounding a church. Susie and Arye each made some purchases. A lunch of empanadas, a meat and onion pie, completed our visit to this (one of Susie's favorites) place.

The afternoon was somewhat quiet because we were to meet for a family dinner this evening in a hotel in downtown Santiago. Like all dinners down here, this dinner started late, but finished relatively early. After all, we had a big day tomorrow. Additionally, most of us were still operating under a sleep deficit which, considering the schedule for the next few days, was not about to be reduced.

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