Hawaii 2012

Oahu (Honolulu)

27 June 2012

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As I write this, it is 11:30am and I should be about half way to Honolulu. We arrived at the airport (LAX) a little after 6am for a 8:40am departure. The inbound flight was a few minutes late so we didn't board the flight until after the departure time. We got comfortable on the plane and all the pre-takeoff rituals were performed. Then came the push back and the fun began. The engines started and I thought we would be on the way... it wasn't to be. The Captain came on the intercom and advised that they had detected a hydraulic problem and maintenance has been called to check it out... we returned to the gate. We sat there for a while and the aircraft started getting quite warm. It was decided that we should disembark and wait in the terminal for updates on the departure time. Now they just announced that we should continue to hang out in the terminal until 1:30pm for further announcements. SO... we may or may not be off the ground at or around 1:30pm.

(Written the next day) Around 1 pm they announced that the flight would depart at 1:30 and a few minutes later that was pushed back because of delays in the catering of the plane (it was loaded with breakfast and had to be changed to lunch). We finally pushed off at 2pm, about five hours late. As a result by the time we got to the hotel it was late afternoon and we lost the half day we had hoped to look around the Waikiki area. We had been up since 5am Pacific time (2am Hawaii time) and had an early pickup time for a tour of Oahu. After watching the sunset from the beach we headed up to our room. A long day with little to say for it except we got here safely and saw a beautiful sunset.

Waikiki Sunset

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