Hawaii 2012

Oahu (Honolulu)

30 June 2012

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This is the day we depart on the cruise. Since we are scheduled to be picked up at noon for the trip to the Cruise Terminal, there is little we could do in the morning. We met some friends for brunch and not long after that we got on the bus. Once we got to terminal, we had an easy time getting through security and the check in process and boarded the ship. Now that we were on board we could not get into our staterooms until the announcement was made that our deck was ready for occupancy. We had lunch and still had to wait for the announcement. When we got to the stateroom, we had to wait another for more than an hour before our luggage was delivered to us. We unpacked, had an early dinner and went on the deck to watch the 7pm departure from Honolulu Harbor. The evening was capped off by a variety show and we headed for a stateroom for sleep... tomorrow is another early day.

Aloha Tower in Honolulu Harbor (not the same as Pearl Harbor which is to the west). At one time zoning codes limited building height so none could exceed the tower.

Diamond Head as seen from the ship in the harbor.

Downtown Honolulu viewed from the ship departing the harbor

Diamond Head and Waikiki (white buildings) as we departed Honolulu

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