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Maui (Lahaina)

2 July 2012

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Today was about shopping and walking (or walking and shopping, depending on your gender). We took a bus to Lahaina which is located on the west coast of Maui, 40-45 minutes from Kahilui. Lahaina is know for its many shops and galleries. About 5 busses carrying 50 passengers each made the trip. It is not a guided trip, you are on your own. Judging by the number of shopping bags coming on the bus on the way back to the ship, the merchants of Lahaina made out very well. Susie was carrying a small bag onto the bus. What wasn't on the bus was a piece of art that is being shipped to her in New York. I got a a T-shirt and hat.

The Old Court House with Banyan tree spread out behind it

The Banyan shoots out roots from its branches. These roots form into a trunk like support for the branches. This particular tree covers roughly an acre in size. We were told that Banyan in India is measured in square kilometers.

The root system that supports the branches

The central trunk of the Lahaina Banyan tree with Susie providing a frame of reference for its size

The boat harbor has boats available for fishing, diving, whale watching (in winter months) and parasailing

Lanai seen from Front Street

A portion of the shops on Front Street


Where else would you find Susie?

Susie picking up a sailor

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