Panama 2008

At Sea

23 March 2008

Photographs and Commentary

Easter Sunday at sea. A lazy day spent relaxing on deck. I also used the time to get caught up in my commentary which fell two days behind because of the duration of our shore excursions. If I had been able to upload the daily commentary and photographs, I would have been upset with myself for falling behind and would have probably worked into the night to get the pages completed. Not having good access to the Internet may have been a blessing in that it forced me not to worry about keeping up the pages. On the other hand, not having good Internet access and no phone access sure made us feel isolated from the world. We still get the news from CNN on the cabin TV so we are not totally disconnected. I guess this is practice for some of the areas we will be traveling through on our trip to Alaska this summer.

The ship's kitchen and pastry staff created a display of easter eggs, most of which were at least a foot long. Many of the eggs were beautifully detailed (see photographs below).

Tonight is the second formal night of the trip.


March 23rd 2008, At Sea.

Throughout the whole day Coral Princess has maintained a north­north-easterly course crossing one last time the Caribbean Sea and transiting between banks and small islands lying off the coast of Nicaragua.
Noon Position: 14° 20'.3 N 080° 34'.7 W 26,
Temperature: 26.8°C / 80°F
Easterly Beaufort Force 5
Barometer: 1014.5 hPa
Weather conditions: Partly Cloudy.

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs Easter Eggs Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs Easter Eggs Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs Easter Eggs
Fran and Mel's Pictures

Mel & Jan

Mel and Jan

Mel & Warren K

Mel and Warren K

Easter Egg display

Chocolate Easter egg display. Champagne fountain was being readied

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