Panama 2008

At Sea

25 March 2008

Photographs and Commentary

This morning started off partly cloudy and a bit windy. At times during the day we came into or near squalls which caused some choppy seas. We thought we would have a last day in the sun and tried to spend some time on an open deck. After going through a few cycles of sun and clouds, we gave up and went to sheltered deck where several of our friends were sitting. We also spent part of the afternoon packing our belongings so that they could be picked up in the evening.

In the evening, prior to dinner, we all got together at Fran and Mel's cabin for a few drinks to celebrate the end of the trip.


March 25th 2008, At Sea

In the early morning Coral Princess rounded "Punta Maisi" on the south-eastern tip of Cuba and altered course to follow the north­eastern Cuban coast on a north-westerly heading following the coast line on our port side.
Noon Position:                    21 ° 25'.5 N 075° 59'.0 W
Temperature:                       25.5°C / 77°F
Wind:                                   North Easterly Beaufort Force 4
Barometer:                           1020.07 hPa
Weather conditions: Mostly Cloudy

Throughout the day she continued north-west in the "Old Bahama Channel" and then later the "Santaren Channel", toward the "Straits of Florida".

Fran and Mel's Pictures

The Ladies

The Ladies

The Guys

The Gentlemen (?)

Leda Susie and Lynne

Leda, Susie and Lynne

Linda and Warren K

Linda and Warren K

Luellen and Susan K

Luellen and Susan K

Mel and Bob

Mel and Bob

Warren L, Jan and Sam

Warren, Jan and Sam

The twins

The Twins
Which one of them is Arnold Schwarzenegger and which is Danny DeVito?

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