Philadelphia Flower Show

10 March 2006

We drove to Philadelphia on a day trip to take in the Philadelphia Flower Show. Over the years we had heard report about the show and decided it was time to make the trip. We don't know why, but we had expectations of the show that differed from the reality we saw. The expectations were that we would see gardens of flowers... the reality was that there were some landscape architecture displays, but the bulk of the displays seemed to be of floral arrangements. It also seemed to us that the vendors outnumbered the displays. Still, there were many beautiful flowers, samples of which follow, and pictures made entirely of dried plant materials

Floral Arrangements



Miscellaneous Flowers

Dried Flower Art

All of the following works of art were created using dried plant materials

Parting Shot

I think I would have done this differently...

This is the top of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society booth at the flower show. I think wrapping the name around the booth may have worked, but to break it this way... What were they thinking?