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4 June 2009

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We stopped in Dallas because Susie had never been here and wanted to see Dealey Plaza, the site of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. The former Texas Book Depository is now the Dallas County Administration Building and the top two floors contain The Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza. The sixth floor is the location of the "Sniper's Nest" from where Lee Harvey Oswald was said to have fired the shots that killed JFK. It houses an exhibit about JFK and the assassination. Photographs are not permitted in the museum so I could only take exterior shots. The exhibit and particularly some of the videos had quite an emotional impact, especially on Susie.

In the evening we met with our friends Bobbie and Bob Athey for a Tex Mex dinner near their home. Bobbie and I have been colleagues and friends for quite a while and I missed her since she retired and left New York for Dallas.

Dealey Plaza Map

Map of Dealey Plaza showing the location of the Texas School Book Depository and the approximate location of JFK when he was shot.

JFK Assassination site

The former Texas School Book Depository and the site of JFK's assassination. There is an X marking the spot where he was killed in the middle lane of the street (opposite the white mark on the curb). The assassin's window is the right hand (square) window on the sixth floor.

Assassin's window

Close up of the assassin's window

Grassy Knoll

The grassy knoll (in front of the collonades) where some people believe a second shooter was standing.

Seen On The Road (or Walmart Parking Lot)


This crow wanted to get at some cheese crackers left in a sandwich bag in a shopping cart at a local Walmart store. The crow kept poking at the bag until he got through and had himself a nice snack. Some kid is probably missing his/her snack just about now.

Bobbie and her Truck

This is our friend Bobbie demonstrating how a refined Texas retiree gets around town in her red toy truck.

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