Summer 2009

Myrtle Beach, SC

26 June 2009

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A difficult day... just kidding. After a leisurely breakfast we went to the beach and baked in the sun until lunch. We spent an hour or so in the trailer and then went back to the beach until mid afternoon. This is a difficult routine, but someone has to do it. It was a very hot day and the humidity was high but the breeze on the beach made it feel a little cooler. This kind of weather creates perfect conditions for some thunderstorms to pop up... and they did.

The thunderstorms had perfect timing... I had just started the grill when we could see dark clouds and lightning to the west and a strong wind came up. As a precaution, we retracted the awning because the TV weather reports told us to expect the possibility of wind gusts up to 50 mile per hour. Those kind of winds can tear the awning to shreds. Of course, every time I retract the awning for weather conditions like this, the wind dies down and it did this time, as well. I would rather not take a chance with these winds and will continue to retract the awning under these conditions. So now with no cover over the grill, I put the meat on just as the rain started. When the meat was done, the rain was at its strongest and I got pretty wet. By the time we finished dinner, the rain stopped and the setting sun could be seen in the west.

After the storm, it cooled down by nearly 20 degrees so it should be a comfortable evening. As I write this, things are starting to dry out. We will go out for our usual walk around the campground. Tomorrow promises to be good beach day so you won't need much of an imagination to figure out what we are planning to do.

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