Summer 2009

New Orleans, LA

31 May 2009

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After a late night, we decided to hang around the trailer for a good part of the morning. Around noon we head to Jackson Square and the French Market area which we had not visited yet. The French Market was crowded. Using the Cafe Du Monde, a market landmark, as a gauge, I would say the crowds are still not as large as they were years ago. They are certainly higher than what we saw in 2006. This was a short walk through the market because we have another busy evening in front of us.

The main reason we came to New Orleans is to attend the wedding of our nephew Adam Hess to Erin McMenamin. The wedding took place in the courtyard of the St. Louis Hotel in the French Quarter. The venue, the interior courtyard, was a beautiful place for a wedding with trees, flowers and a central fountain. The same things that made this venue beautiful also made it difficult to photograph because there was always something in the way. It was a nice evening all around. We wish Erin and Adam a life full of happiness.

Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral (right)

Susie was too colorful to fit in with this crowd


Susie at the French Market

Every so often I have to get my picture into this Web site

Seen on the Road

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Erin and Adam's Wedding
Erin and Adam Hess

St Louis Hotel Courtyard

Courtyard at the St Louis Hotel


Erin and Adam Hess

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