Summer 2010 Part II

Home to Watkins Glen, NY

264 Miles/422 Km

9 August 2010

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Photographs and Commentary
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We got a late start because of a doctor's appointment this morning. Fifteen minutes after I got home from the doctor, we were underway. It is an odd feeling for two early birds like us to leave after 10am. Fortunately, it is a relatively short run to Watkins Glen. Unlike practically all of our other trips in the past we were only going about half the distance of our typical first day.

The route is a fairly easy one. We hooked up the trailer in the storage area in Chester, NY. We didn't bother to transfer any of our refrigerated foods because the temperature was in the 90s and it would take hours to cool and it was just as safe to keep the food in our coolers. The storage area is within sight of NY Route 17 on which we would be traveling for all but the last 20 miles of the trip. Route 17 has a lot of construction on it as it being upgraded to Interstate standards (I 86). These construction areas caused little delay for us. The route is hilly and travels along and over a number of rivers, including the Delaware, Susquehanna, Chenango, and Chemung. In a number of places there are still crossroads and traffic lights which will be bypassed with realignment of the road.

The weather in three words was hot and humid and hazy. As we got further west, we could see the clouds build up and hit an occasional sprinkle but nothing long lasting. We hoped to get into the RV Park and set up on our site before we got some serious rain. Susie spoke to friends of ours heading back to NY from Niagara Falls who were running into some bad weather which was supposedly heading our way. We got lucky and had just finished setting up when the first shower hit. Again, nothing serious, certainly not as bad as our friends described. The on and off showers limited our "outside time," but there is always tomorrow.

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