Summer 2010 Part II

Lake George, NY

15 August 2010

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Another quiet day. The weather, gray and threatening most of the morning and afternoon, didn't provide any incentive for us to do anything so we stayed in the RV Park. We read our books, prepared for dinner and relaxed... exciting isn't it.

Susie had invited her cousin Jeannie and family, who live in the area, to join us for dinner this evening and they arrived in late afternoon just as the threat of showers turned into the real thing. We had walked up to the lodge to get a visitor's pass for them when the first shower hit. By the time they drove in the gate, that shower had passed. We took advantage of the break to show them around the RV park. The showers returned shortly after we got back to trailer so we just relaxed and had a nice visit.

The forecast for the overnight period is for showers and thundershowers to work their way through the area. More of the same for tomorrow morning so we may have another quiet day.


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