Summer 2010 Part II

Lake George, NY

17 August 2010

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Today we decided to go down memory lane and drive to Manchester Center, VT. We had a number of memories of this place, most of them proved to be faulty. It had been nearly 20 years since we had been in this area and memories sometimes have have a different view of reality. Additionally, physical things change... new buildings, road changes, etc. At any rate, Manchester Center, did not meet our expectations. We parked in the "outlet mall," and visited a couple of the stores, buying nothing. We then walked around the town a bit. I have be honest and say that I recognized nothing... it was as though I came here for the first time.

After our not so fruitful visit to Manchester Center, we decided to head up to Rutland, about 30 miles north. Susie had some strong memories about this town, but again, we came up empty. You know you are in trouble when the only store you enter in a town is Walmart. The fault is not in our stars, it is in our lack of preparation. Usually Susie and I research the areas we plan on visiting and have a good idea of want we want to do in a town. This trip was so casually planned that we knew where we were going but not much about what we were going to do and see when we got there. This trip was more about relaxing than doing and that is why we came up empty today.

By mid afternoon, we decided to head back to the RV park. We were going to go to Susie's cousin for dinner so wanted to get back to get some things done before we headed off to see the family. It was a great evening with three generations of Susie's cousins.

Grist Mill and Pond
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