Summer 2010 Part II

Lake George, NY

19 August 2010

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We decided to do a little sightseeing in Lake George Village. Over the years we spent quite a bit of time in this area and spent a bit of time in Lake George Village. There has always been a lot of change in terms of the stores on Canada Street (Route 9), but the character of the street and the village has really not changed. There is no question that tourism is at the heart of the local economy... many hotels, stores selling souvenirs run the length of Route 9. The season is short, late spring to mid-October (end of the foliage, aka leaf peeper, season). We were in the area a few years ago in late October and found only a few stores and restaurants open for business. There are ski areas in the vicinity, but the popular ones are far from town.

Between the lake, Adirondack Park, and other tourist attractions, there are things to do for the visitors. Maybe our memory is faulty, but we feel the area is less busy during the day. In the past, traffic on Route 9 was impossible and I always avoided it, choosing to bypass it on I-87. This week we drove through town several times during the day and went through fairly quickly. Driving through the village in the evening still felt like it had in the past... busy sidewalks and streets and little chance of finding a parking spot.

Canada Street

Fort William Henry

View south from Shepard's Park

Horicon, one of the Lake cruise boats, pulling out of the dock

The Lac du Saint Sacrement, the largest boat on the lake

Million Dollar Beach

View north from the town dock

View of the village from near the Million Dollar Beach

Parasailing on Lake George

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