Summer 2010 Part II

Montreal, QC

22 August 2010

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Another dreary day. Rain all day and into the night. We left the RV Park to go shopping for groceries in the local Costco, about three miles away.

This evening we hosted a cookout for my friend Amiram, his girl friend, and one of his sons and family. In my mind, cookouts are prepared and eaten outside the trailer. However, the weather and a small picnic table ruled out that idea. I had extended our awning when we first got there to give us some shelter over the picnic table. However, today's rain came at an angle that got one side of the table wet. I placed my portable grill on the dry side of the table and cooked our meal. We had six adults and two small children to feed inside the trailer and it worked. The experience tells us that we could host a dinner party inside the trailer for at least six adults, something we don't think will happen too often.

After our friends left, we started putting things away for an early morning departure.

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