Summer 2010 Part II

Watkins Glen, NY

11 August 2010

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We woke up this morning to low hanging clouds and haze. The clouds lifted a bit by the time we set out for today's exploration of the area. Our first stop for today was Canandaigua, located at the north end of its namesake lake. The route took us cross country through Watkins Glen and Penn Yan before reaching Canandaigua. One of the reasons Susie wanted to go through this area is because it was supposed to have a significant Amish population. We found out that this area is not like Lancaster County, PA... you don't see a horse and buggy going down every road. We saw road signs depicting a horse and buggy and road apples (horse manure to you city slickers), but we only saw one amish family in a buggy all day. One of the things we wanted to see was the New York Wine and Culinary Center which, according to its listing in one of our brochures, is a place to "sample New York all in one place!" I was a little disappointed in that I thought I could get an idea of the kinds of wines and prices that we would encounter at the various wineries along the lakes and that was not the case. After leaving the Wine and Culinary center we drove along the lake a bit. Unlike the drive around Keuka Lake yesterday, we saw places to get pictures, but the haze was still pretty heavy and I didn't pull our my camera.

We left Canandaigua and headed east on US 20 with Waterloo (more specifically the Waterloo Premium Outlets) as our destination. The route took us through Geneva at the north end of Seneca Lake. The town park was right on the lake and we figured it was a good place to have our lunch. The haze lifted a bit, so I took a few shots which really show very little detail. I don't know if this amount of haze is normal for this area, but I don't remember encountering it in previous trips through the area. By the way, Waterloo is credited with celebrating the first Memorial Day.

We returned to Watkins Glen along the east shore of Seneca Lake. Our intent was to stop at a few wineries that advertised they had the kind of wines that I liked. We didn't buy anything. Our final stop in Watkins Glen was the local quilt shop (what else). Susie was just looking and we returned to the RV Park at mid afternoon so we could relax, the primary purpose of this trip.

The view of Seneca Lake from the Geneva Town park... our lunch stop

View of Seneca Lake from the Chateau LaFayette Reneau located on the east shore of the lake

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