Summer 2011

Cheyenne, WY to Lincoln, NE

437 Miles/699 Km

11 July 2011

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This commentary is a day late. Quite frankly, I didn't even take my computer out of the place I store it while we are on the road. The computer has been giving me problems almost from the start of the trip. Compounding that issue is the fact that the Internet service in many of the RV parks we stayed in has not been particularly good.

Today's trip was relatively uneventful. We left Cheyenne at our usual early departure time, turned east on I-80 and got off in Lincoln. Camp-A-Way, our stop for the night is in an unusual place, as it occupies the space between the exit ramp and the highway. It was certainly easy to find and get into. The route continues to follow the route of several pioneer trails and the transcontinental railroad. Cheyenne is on the high plains, at an altitude of about 5,700 feet. Our route took us down into the lower portion of the plains, along the South Platte, which meanders until it meets the North Platte to form the Platte River.

As we drove through western Nebraska, the temperatures started to climb into the mid 90s. Fortunately, when we got to Lincoln, the temperature was only in the upper 80s rather than near 100 degrees forecast for the area. The wind was mostly on our backs and we didn't complain about that.

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