Summer 2011

Niagara Falls to Traverse City/Grawn, MI

444Miles/710 Km
7 June 2011

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Last night the thunderstorms came. From about 3am until after we left the RV Park it rained, sometimes heavily. I put on a full rain suit in order to keep dry while disconnecting the campground utilities and getting the trailer for travel. After we left Niagara Falls, ON we headed west through Hamilton, Brantford and London towards the Sarnia, ON/Port Huron, MI border crossing. The crossing back to the US was easy. The rain continued on and off for about 100 miles and was soon replaced by head on winds.

After crossing back into the U.S. we continued west towards Flint, MI. The winds died down making travel easier and improving our fuel consumption. From Flint we headed north toward Saginaw where we headed northwest to Traverse City. MI Route 115 from US 10 North is sparsely populated and is a bit reminiscent of the Alaska Highway (a bit, but not quite). There were stretches where we did not see cars for miles in either direction.

When we got into the Holiday Park Campground, we unhooked the trailer, set up the utilities and headed to our friends Jo and Dallas' home on Duck Lake for a pontoon boat cruise on the lake followed by dinner. It was a long day with a great finish.

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