Summer 2011

S. Lake Tahoe, CA

4 July 2011

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Today was that day of rest I wrote about before... nothing happened. We never even left the campground. We used part of the morning to do some basic maintenance on the trailer, checking the tire pressure and cleaning the interior. The outside could use a serious cleaning, but that is not likely to occur on the road. Most campgrounds do not allow washing of vehicles on site. It is also against the law in some states and localities.

It was an ideal day for doing nothing (also for doing something). We had clear blue skies with the temperature reaching 80 degrees, after a chilly start of 45 degrees. Tonight there is a fireworks show on the lake that is supposed to be one of the best in the country. We have decided that we just didn't want the hassle of getting to a viewing location and finding a place to park the truck so we will watch the fireworks on TV.

A number of sites in the campground have been vacated and that may be an indicator that there may be a respite in the crowds after the end of the weekend. We are hoping that the town will empty a bit tomorrow so we can move around the town and the lake with a lot less traffic. Our plan, which has to be flexible, is to walk around the downtown area and then drive to some other locations around the lake to get a better feel for what the Lake Tahoe Basin is.

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