Summer 2011

Salt Lake City, UT

8 July 2011

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The first thing we had to attend to this morning was the damage to the trailer caused by yesterday's blow out. We got to the RV dealer a little after 9 am and were out of there in about half an hour. The cost was minimal, but the aggravation was not. We had to unhook from all the campground utilities, retract the slides, hook up to the truck, retract the rear stabilizer, the front jacks and then do the reverse a little more than an hour later. After we got back I checked all the tires on the trailer and the newly purchased (3 months ago) tire pressure and temperature sensors. One of the sensors was not being read by the monitor in the truck and turned out to be defective. I had to inflate two of the trailer tires to bring them back to required pressure (80 psi). By the time we got all this done, it was time for lunch and we missed an organ recital in the Tabernacle.

After lunch we headed down West North Temple to Temple Square. When we were here last in 2006, we could not get into the Tabernacle because there were renovations being completed and there was no public access. As we got into the Square, I was trying to get a picture of the Tabernacle with the Temple in the background when I was approached by two Mormon Missionaries, Laukiti from Fuji and Ito from Japan. These two young ladies introduced themselves and escorted us to the Tabernacle and gave us some of the details of its construction. While we were sitting in the Tabernacle, there were periodic demonstrations of the acoustics. A missionary got up in front and tore a newspaper into strips and then dropped straight pins and a pebble and we could here it without any amplification.

We bid good bye to Ito and Laukiti and went to the Conference Center for an organ recital. The Conference Center organ with its 7,708 pipes is smaller than the Tabernacle organ with its 11,623 pipes. Nonetheless, the Conference Center organ has an impressive sound and we enjoyed this recital. Following the 30 minute recital, we walked around Temple Square and then headed back to the KOA.

The Tabernacle with the Temple in the background

The Tabernacle can hold over 5,000 people

The Tabernacle Organ


Susie with missionaries Ito (left) and Laukiti

Beehive House


Left, The Salt Lake City Temple

Lion House

Conference Center Organ. The Conference Center can hold more than 21,000 people.

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