Summer 2011

Shawano, WI to Maple Grove, MN

248 Miles/ 397 Km

10 June 2011

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The cold front that triggered the rains we encountered in Michigan settled in during the night. We woke up this morning to temperatures in the 40s... I gave in and turned the heat on around 3AM. The cold was not the only thing mother nature offered us, she gave us rain to go along with the cold. Of the four road days we had so far, we had to unhook utilities and hitch up in the rain twice. I hope this pattern does not continue.

Today's run is a relatively short one for us. The route continued on Wisconsin Route 29, which is mostly a four lane divided highway (with cross traffic for most of the route). Traffic was light and the rain let up a bit so it was easy cruising to I-94 northwest of Eau Claire. Traffic continued light and the rain stopped by the time we got on the Interstate and we continued at a steady pace until we got to the Wisconsin/Minnesota border and picked up Minneapolis/St Paul area traffic. The only traffic we encountered was 2 1/2 miles from the exit for Maple Grove. We arrived at the RV park shortly after noon.

About an hour after we were set up in our site, our friends Joy and Doug arrived with their trailer to spend the rest of the day and tomorrow with us. Joy and Doug live nearby and we met them last year when we had our involuntary stay in the St Cloud area. We spent the afternoon and evening "hanging out."

Despite the weather, it was a good day.

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