Summer 2013 - Southwest
Take Two

Santa Fe, NM

August 18, 2013

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Santa Fe has a number of world class museums. Four of these museums are operated by the New Mexico Division of Cultural affairs. Today we went to two of the New Mexico State museums located on what is called Museum Hill. The first one we visited was the Museum of International Folk Art. Going through the museum's exhibits is like traveling to different countries to see their folk art. The current exhibits are described in the above link so I won't bother trying to describe what we saw. Suffice it to say that we had an eclectic voyage ranging from Japanese kites to Amish quilts.

The second museum we visited is the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture. This was one place high on Susie's list. The exhibits covered crafts from basket weaving and pottery to an exhibit called, "Here, Now & Always." As a "history nut" I found this last exhibit fascinating since it covers the story of how the Southwest native communities came to where they are today. This is one museum that I hope to return to again.

While photography was permitted (without flash), I didn't take many pictures inside the museum.

The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture viewed from the Plaza

I thought I would get creative and take a picture through the sculpture seen in the center of the picture to the left. When I got to a position to take the picture I saw a women on the other side taking a similar picture. So much for originality.

Sculpture in the museum plaza

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