Summer 2013 - Southwest
Take Two

Santa Fe, NM

August 19, 2013

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This was a good day for Susie. Her cousin, Dan, and his friend Ellen arranged to have us meet Tony Chavarria, Curator of Ethnology at the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture. Susie, Dan, Ellen and I were shown the museum vault that is not available to the public. We were shown some of the museum collection of Storytellers that are not currently on display. Susie had plenty of time to ask Tony questions about the collection and show him pictures of some of her collection. To Susie, this was an opportunity of a lifetime.

After lunch, Susie and I went to the Santa Fe Plaza to walk around and look in some of the shops and galleries that surround it. Walking into the plaza, it was hard to believe that yesterday it and the surrounding streets were full of booths, vendors and visitors. We saw plenty of Storytellers, but I was not concerned. The prices in these galleries exceed what Susie is willing to pay.


These three shelves represent one collection that the museum acquired. I didn't count them, but estimate that there are at least 15 figures per shelf. Some of the individual figures are valued at more than $10,000, a little out of Susie's budget. Susie was able to stand in front of these shelves and identify quite a few of the artists who made the storytellers.

This is an early storyteller made by Helen Cordero, the "Grandmother" of the storytellers.

Susie and Tony Chavarria

Left to right: Dan Raker,Susie, Tony Chavarria, Sam
Photo by Ellen Lampert

Santa Fe Plaza

The Lensic


Loretto Chapel

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