Dawson Creek, BC

8 July 2005

Unlike yesterday, this day started out gray and pretty much stayed that way. The sun made a feeble effort to break through, but lost to some heavy rain showers. Despite the gloomy skies we decided to do some exploration. We were told about a lake about 10 kilometers south of Dawson Creek named Swan Lake. We drove around looking for signs that would lead us to the lake but had no luck. We decided to try our luck in Chetwynd, a town 60 miles southwest of Dawson Creek. We had read that this town was famous for its chainsaw wooden scupltures. The ride to Chetwynd took us from the rolling farmland of Dawson Creek to some rugged hills. In the distance we could see mountains with patches of snow on them.

In the evening we went to the Dawson Creek Car show. It was supposed to be a show with 500 custom cars and antiques from all over Canada. We doubt that there were more than 100 cars in the show. It was still an interesting show.

Susie and Sam with the Chetwynd fishing bear
At right is some more detail on the bear sculpture and the eagle. The eagle sculpture includes the same type of animals frequently found in the totems poles on the coast of British Columbia and Alaska.
As we were leaving the show we saw this classic car and trailer in the parking lot. It was not part of the show and was driven away shortly after the picture was taken. The trailer, although small, had a kitchen, a bed and a sofa that converts to a bed.
Susie's dream car