Our trip from New York to Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) was relatively uneventful... if you consider hiding from tornadoes in St. Cloud, Minnesota, driving over 50 miles of dirt roads in Manitoba with flooded fields all around and nearly a thousand miles of prairie uneventful. All together our the trip to Edmonton covered nearly 3,000 miles (5,000 Km).

Let's go to the Mall

The first site to greet us as we walked into the West Edmonton Mall was this full size replica of Columbus' ship, Santa Maria (left)
Anyone for a swim... This is a large wave pool complete with a beach. Adjacent to the pool were a number of water slides. Edmonton residents can go to the beach when the temperature drops below zero degrees (F)
The entrance to the Chinatown which contains stores with food and other products from far east
The mall's skating rink being used by youth teams for practice
At the end of hours of walking through the mall, Susie sat down for a chat with her friend Pooh
The entrance to the Bourbon Street section of the Mall which has a large selection of restaurants