Muncho Lake

12 July 2005

Our original plan for this day was to take a ride on a four wheel drive track at the southern end of Muncho Lake Provincial Park. The guidebooks indicated that it lead to a great view. Unfortunately, the road was closed to the public. At the suggestion of the campground owner, we headed north to Smith River Falls, approximately 50 miles north of Muncho Lake. The ride took us over the same construction area as yesterdays trip to the Hotsprings but no buffalo today.

The morning started out beautifully as some of the pictures that follow will show. However, for the third afternoon in a row, thunderstorms roared through the area. The lake looked like a mirror in early afternoon only to be covered with angry waves by evening.

Muncho Lake in mid morning (left) and early afternoon (right), viewed from the north end
Angry waves as the thunderstorm approaches
Susie at Smith River Falls parking area
Smith River Falls from half way down to the pool
Sam at Smith River Falls pool
The pool at the base of Smith River Falls
Stone Sheep grazing along the side of the Alaska Highway