Whitehorse, Yukon

17 July 2005

This was a day of rest. It was not planned that way, but the weather failed to cooperate. We woke up to gray skies and rain. This was the first time in three weeks that plans had to be changed due to weather. We had planned to visit a sled dog training facility and since most of this was outdoors, we cancelled. Despite the weather we went to the fish ladder at the Yukon Energy dam. A fish ladder is a way for the salmon who are migrating upstream to spawn can get past obstacles, like the dam. Like the weather, we were out of luck. The fish are still two weeks away on the Yukon, around Dawson... maybe we will pass them on the North Klondike Highway tomorrow. We will be within walking distance of a fish ladder in Anchorage and the timing to see salmon should be right.

In the afternoon we visited two local museums, the Yukon Transportation Museum and the Beringia Interpretive Center. The Transportation Museum had a number of displays on the history of transportation in the Yukon and was quite interesting. The Beringia Interpretive Center had displays on the Ice Age land bridge across the Bering Sea and how animals and humans migrated across that bridge.

Yukon Energy Hydroelectric Dam
Fish ladder below the Yukon Energy dam
Detailed model of Whitehorse as it looked early in the 20th Century... so why is Batman here?
Diorama depicting stampeders going up the Chilkoot Trail during the 1898 Gold Rush
The Queen of the Yukon,
a twin to Lindberg's plane, The Spirit of Saint Louis
World's largest weather vane is at the entrance of the Whitehorse Airport. This DC 3 carried passengers and freight in the Yukon and elsewhere in northwestern Canada for many years before being retired to its current position.