Alaska 2008

Prince Rupert, BC

3 July 2008

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We slept on the ferry last night. Our ferry confirmation e-mail indicated the arrival time in Prince Rupert would be 7:45 AM. This didn't make sense to us since the trip to the islands was only six and a half hours. We therefore set our alarm to 6 AM which turned out to be a good decision since the ferry docked a half hour later. The fog in the channel leading to Prince Rupert was very thick and we didn't see anything until we were nearly at the terminal. Since the ferry did not have a full load of passengers or vehicles, disembarkation was easy and we were in the campground by 7 AM.

The fog lifted somewhat, but the day stayed gray with a few teasing moments of sunshine followed by some rain. After doing some necessary grocery shopping, we decided that today was a good day to just relax. Tomorrow we start a run of six days where we will be making only overnight stops until we get to Healy, Alaska and Denali National Park. So, boring as it may seem, we sat and read. Prince Rupert is a good place to do very little, especially when the weather is less that glorious (no complaints... we had a long run of good weather thus far). The only thing of interest to Susie was the Museum of Northern British Columbia which is supposed to have a good collection of local native arts and crafts. I have been "totemed out" by this time and besides we will see plenty more totems and other local arts and crafts on our route. This campground has no Internet access unless you want to sit in or outside the campground office and pick up the wireless router. We also have no access to cell phone service. We are isolated so as my favorite librarian said, "read, it is good for you."

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