Bar Harbor, ME to Eastport, ME

110 miles/176 Km

5 July 2007

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Last night the rain came. It rained hard for a good part of the night and we hoped that the forecasters would be wrong and the rain would end at daybreak. In the morning we discovered a minor roof leak over the shower... a little silicon sealer will take care of that. The rain did let up at the time we started to get the trailer ready for the road. A light rain stayed with us for the entire trip. On arriving at the campground in Eastport, there was a fairly strong wind driving the light rain and the temperature was in the mid-fifties.

A few hours after we arrived in Eastport, the easternmost city in the US, the rain stopped and the wind all but ceased. Looking out over Passamaquody Bay we could see that the water was almost flat calm. Unfortunately, that is about all we could see. The fog reduced the visibility to about 1/4 - 1/2 mile. This bay is supposed to be one of the more beautiul bays in Maine, but it was hard to tell... maybe tomorrow.

This campground does not have any Internet service, a rarity these days. The only way I can get this page uploaded would be through a dial-up connection at the public phone in the campground office.This is an option I chose not to use since it would take forever to upload even a simple page like this one. I believe the next campground will have Internet service and we will upload today's page then.

Another communication issue is the cell phone service. We are one mile from the Canadian border and are apparently picking up cell signals from there. As a result, calls that would normally be free are now considered long distance. At other campgrounds where we have Internet service, we can use Skype as a substitute for the cell phone. We haven't been without some form of communications since we travelled through parts of the Alaska Highway in 2005.

The view of Passamaquody Bay from our site. The barely visible line in the distance is Deer Island, New Brunswick.
The campground dock
View south from the dock
Sign on the dock
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