Foxborough, MA

2 July 2007

We may catch up with our itinerary tomorrow. As indicated previously, the RV Doctor thought he had a refrigerator that would fit out trailer. He called on Friday while we were enroute to Boston to tell us that he would have to order a new one and that it would be here by Tuesday (tomorrow). I tried to contact him later on Friday afternoon to get his thoughts on when on Tuesday we could be on the way but was unable to talk to him. This left us wondering all weekend if we would have to change additional reservations. Early this morning I did finally speak to him and he told me that he had called the distributor and that the delivery truck had not left yet so the delivery would be no later than Tuesday. This still left us wondering if we would make it to Bar Harbor and salvage the rest of the trip.The good doctor called this afternoon and told us that the refrigerator was in and he would be at the campground first thing in the morning. If his estimate of a half hour to install the refrigerator is correct, we can be out of here by mid-morning. A collective sigh of relief came out of us that was probably heard throughout the campground.

The rest of the day was spent in the area around the campground. We did some food shopping, hit the outlet mall located about four miles from the campground and did some work on the trailer. I also spent part of the morning in a walk-in medical clinic in Mansfield, MA waiting for sutures to be removed from my leg (I had a mole removed two weeks ago).

As if to punctuate how this trip has been going so far, we had an incident this evening that was a bit scary and could have turned out much worse. We have a small Weber gas grill that can be fueld by small propane bottles or by a line from the trailer propane tanks. I have always used the line from the trailer for our grilling. This evening I hooked up the line to the grill and started it up. I allowed the grill to warm up a bit and then put some steaks on it. About two minutes into the grilling process a flame erupted from the hose connection to the grill. It shot more than a foot in the air. I quickly turned off the propane tank valve and disconnected the hose and the flame died out. If I had not been outside the flame could have burned through the hose and we could have a much larger fire. "They" say that bad things happen in threes and then you are in the clear for a while. I hope "they" are right. If they are, the rest of the trip will be OK. I remain optimistic that the problems that plagued us this first few days are behind us and the trip will be great.

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