Foxborough, MA

29 June 2007

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Another bummer... The RV Doctor came this afternoon and with one look at the refrigirator said, "this is bad." Obviously not something we wanted to hear. Basically we have replace the refrigerator. He had one in the shop that he thought would fit and stated that he can have us out of here tomorrow morning. He fixed the water pump and left and we were feeling good... we won't have to make any changes in our itinerary. Happy, we got into the truck and headed to Boston for a little quality time with Carrie, Josh and Ben. About half way to Boston we got a call from our friend "the doctor." He told us that the refrigerator he had would not fit in the space in the trailer and that he would have the right unit on Tuesday. We made a U-turn and headed back to Foxboro to see if we can salvage this trip.

As you can imagine the Fourth of July makes this a very big weekend for campgrounds. The line of people registering at the office backs out into the street. The office manager said that she was reasonably sure we can get a spot through Tuesday but we would have to move and may not have a full hook up. I called the next two campgrounds and canceled our reservations in one and curtailed our stay at the next. Now we can only hope that the good doctor has the refrigerator on Tuesday and we can leave early enough to get into Bar Harbor before it gets too dark to see the campsite.

On the plus side, Susie can get more of her "Ben Fix." We will probably go into Boston several times in the next few days.

Stay tuned for more in this unplanned (and unwanted) saga.

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