Hubbards, NS

20 July 2007

Today was our first washout. It rained heavily last night and was foggy when we got up. We had thought about going to Halifax and then decided that perhaps we should postpone the trip until tomorrow. We considered going to Mahone Bay (the next bay to the west) and Lunenburg, but decided to wait to see if the weather cleared a bit. In the meantime, I figured I would use the down time to get one of our propane cylinders refilled. I was told that I could get a refill at a local hardware/building supply store. When I got there I learned that they would only exchange tanks and had none in the size we needed. They told me that a gas station off the next exit eastbound has a fill station for propane. What they didn't tell me is that the next exit was 15 miles away. The trip was a bit frightening in that, at times, the fog was so thick that the visibility was reduced to a few hundred feet. I slowed down when it got that thick and prayed that the people behind me were doing the same.

When I got back to the campground from the propane run, it seemed as though the clouds were lifting and the fog dissipating. We decided to grab a quick lunch and see if we could salvage the day. As we headed west to Mahone Bay and Lunenburg the weather seemed to be improving. That proved to be a teaser by mother nature. Lunenburg is just a few miles beyond Mahone Bay and we chose to go there first and stop at Mahone Bay on the way back. Just as we got to Lunenburg, the wind started picking up and the fog rolled in. We never got out of the truck and headed back to Mahone Bay. As we got there the wind was building and we figured that we may as well write the day off and head back to the campground after stopping in a market to pick up some groceries. While in the market, the sky opened up with some heavy rain and we had some of the rain on the way to the campground.

So, in summary, today we filled up a propane tank and bought some groceries, driving about 120 miles in the process. "It happens."

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