Hubbards, NS

21 July 2007

I know nobody wants to hear about the weather anymore... I don't want to write about it. However, since it has negatively impacted our plans for another day, I have to say that we have another rainy day in the Hubbards/Halifax area. Some people wrote me to tell me how lucky we have been to escape the rain that plagued the east coast of the U.S. a few days ago. Guess what! We didn't escape the rain... it caught up with us. While it has not been as bad as reported for New York (there are no subways to flood in Hubbards), it has been heavy at times.

Despite the rain, we decided to head for Halifax. A local merchant told me that the weather in Hubbards does not reflect what it may be in Halifax. He said that Hubbards is between two bays (St Margarets and Mahone) and this causes the area to almost have its own climate. I figured that, based on what he told me, we could take a chance and go into Halifax. When we got there it was misting. Our first stop was at the Visitor Information Center. There was supposed to be a craft fair along the waterfront and we wanted to know where it was. We also wanted information on some of the sights in town. Susie had seen a notice that the craft fair was cancelled, but people at the Visitor Center said that it was on. So we drove along the waterfront and saw nothing to indicate any fair.

Beside seeing the sights of Halifax, we had to have the oil and filter changed on the truck as we have already put 3,000 miles on it since we left home. Finding a local garage that has a service bay is becoming increasingly difficult in the rural areas around here. Most of the bigger gas stations have turned their service bays into convenience stores so the best, sometimes the only, option is to drive into the bigger towns and find a Walmart, Canadian Tire or a Jiffy Lube type of facility. We wound up in a Walmart. While the truck was being serviced, we walked the aisles and picked up some things we needed for the trailer (and a copy of the new Harry Potter book for Susie). When I looked out the door of the store all you could see was a wall of water and people standing under cover waiting for it let up so they can run to their cars. By the time we got in the truck and the rain had let up a bit. There was no point walking around town and getting caught in a heavy downpour so we gave up and headed back to the campground. It turned out, that for the first time in three years of travel, both of us forgot our cameras is the trailer. Even if the weather was good, we would not have any pictures to post. As I said yesterday, "It happens." Well "It happened" again today.

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