New Harris, Cape Breton Island, NS

(North Sydney)
29 July 2007

Morning came in with clouds and showers. We decided that it is a good day to do some of the less glorious things involved with travel by trailer, such as the laundry. But then again, it is one of the things we have to do when we are home. The difference is the capacity of the laundry bin in the trailer does not match that of home and the going to the basement is a lot easier than driving or carrying a laundry bag to the campground laundry. We had been putting off doing the laundry and the showers gave us an excuse to do so.

In the afternoon we took a ride to Boularderie Island, which is across the bridge from the campground. One of the campground employees told us the Aconi Point lighthouse, on the northern tip of the island, was a great view… so we went. As you see in the pictures below, he was right about the lighthouse.

After leaving the lighthouse, we did a little bit of exploring by not coming back the way we went. This led us past some less beautiful spots like a coal strip mine, a coal fired power plant and the entrance to another mine. The road at the entrance to the power plant was full of coal dust which the showers kept down. Otherwise, with the constant winds in this place, it would have looked worse. On the plus side, the first coal mine was in the process of reclamation and the stack of the power plant showed no visible emissions (it could be because it was not operating).

That was the extent of the day. The skies are still threatening and we get an occasional short shower. The temperature is a lot more tolerable than the last two days of 90’s and high humidity. We are sitting under the trailer awning reading and working on today’s Web page entries. It is a rough life ;-)

Point Aconi Light
Point Aconi Light viewed from the tip of the point
The rock off the Point Aconi seemed to be a rookery. A close up of the rock, right, shows a number of cormorants with a few gulls for company.
A view from Point Aconi of the entrance to Bras d'Or Lakes that passes by the campground
Susie at Point Aconi
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