Home to Natural Bridge/Lexington, VA

510 miles/816 Km

20 June 2006

Photo Gallery and Commentary

We got on the way this morning. This is probably our longest day of travel. We covered over 530 miles (848 Km) which took us through the most states we will cover in one day. We started in Rego Park and picked up the trailer in Chester, NY (70 miles north). From Chester we drove through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and are now camped in Lexington, VA. The ride was easy because we had relatively light traffic even in those areas where we expected heavier traffic.

The area we went through today has a lot of history, particularly related to the civil war. The Shenandoah Valley and the area along Interstate 81 from Harrisburg, PA is the site of several battles, Chambersburg, Shippenburg, New Market and perhaps the most famous, Gettysburg (a few miles off I-81). Lexington, where we are camped tonight, is the site of Virginia Military Institute, which contributed a number of leaders for the Confederate Army. The most famous of these leaders is Stonewall Jackson.

We stopped only for fuel and lunch and took no pictures. The Shenandoah Valley is picturesque, but the best photographs are taken from the Skyline Drive, which runs along a ridge line east of the Valley. The speed limit on the Skyline Drive is 25 MPH which is not the speed you want to drive if, like us, you are trying to make time. The scenes along the Interstate are not particularly spectacular and could represent rural America almost anywhere in the Northeastern United States.