The trip from Las Vegas was relatively uneventful. Most of the route follows Interstate 15 from Las Vegas to just east of San Bernardino. The route goes through at least three mountain passes, that while relative low, had long grades on both the ascent and descent. The trailer is almost at the maximum weight that our truck can pull. It does very well on the level roads but long grades are a challenge. We may start at the bottom of the grade at the speed limit and finish up in the truck lane at about 45 miles per hour. The descent can be equally challenging. When you see a sign at the top of the pass advising that there is a five of six percent grade for the next 10 miles or so, you have the problem of overspeeding and losing control. You don't want to work the brakes to hard or they will overheat and fade just when you need them. I generally drop out of drive into third gear and let the engine do the braking. You still have to periodically pump the brakes to keep from running into somone's rear end.

The scenery in the first two hundred miles of the trip does not vary much. We are crossing the Mojave Desert south of Death Valley. There are the mountains I mentioned earlier and then there is the desert. The colors are different shades of browns or tans with occasional spots of green. Every so often you do see an oasis where farmers are growing some crops. Just west of San Bernardino we head west toward greater Los Angeles following Interstate 210. Almost as soon as you make that turn, the traffic starts getting heavier. By the time you reach Pasadena, you are longing for some of those quiet secondary roads we traveled through between Santa Fe, Durango and Moab. When we reached US 101, we knew we were deep in Los Angeles traffic. I have driven this stretch an number of times without a trailer and didn't particularly like it. Having a trailer in tow limits your maneuverability and you have to stay on your toes all the time. Once northwest of Los Angeles, the traffic calms down a bit and before long we were in Ventura.

We have not had a chance to walk around the town so it is hard to provide anything but some quick impressions. We drove down Main Street and it appeared like a lot of resort towns. The one thing we didn't see are the many souvenir shops usually found in these towns. We didn't get near the beach so we may still find the usual beach shops. Rick and his girlfriend, Vicky, will be coming up from Los Angeles tomorrow and the four of us will explore the town.