Hawaii 2012

Hawaii (Kailua Kona)

4 July 2012

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This was a lazy day for us and allowed me to catch up on the commentary and picture editing. The harbor at Kailua cannot accommodate the Pride of America so it is necessary for the ship to anchor about a mile off shore. Tenders are used to bring passengers back and forth from the dock. We had not planned any excursions for this day. We just wanted to walk around the town, do some shopping and Susie wanted to check out a quilt shop that specialized in Hawaiian Quilts. The town is not that large so we were done early and returned to the ship.

Kailua waterfront as seen from the ship

The town dock with one of the ship's tenders

The Pride of America as seen from the waterfront

... and they still have the bike ride ahead of them

The oldest church in Hawaii. This building could fit in any New England town.

Hulie'e Palace belonged to a Hawaiian princess. Again, the New England influence in the architecture is quite evident.

It looks like Susie wanted the sailor all to herself



Weather vane with what looks like a spear fisherman on it. The building also looks like it belongs in New England.

As seen on the Road

This is not what I expected to find in Kailua Kona
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