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Kauai (Nawiliwili)

5 July 2012

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As we pulled into the portof Nawiliwili, the skies were gray and threatening. You could see the storms coming in from the east. Our plan for today is participate in a photo safari on the north shore of the island. The skies remained gray and we did have intermittent rain, but that is something you can't control and so you take it as it comes. We were lucky to have a professional photographer as a guide and he provided a lot of hints of shots to take. The route took us along the coast from Lihue to the west side of Hanalei Bay. You really can't get much further along the highway as it ends a few miles west of Hanalei Bay. We stopped in several spots that are small beaches or local parks that are not on the usual tourist routes. Between Susie and me, we took about 300 pictures. Many of the pictures were different angles or views of the same subject. In addition, some of the pictures we took are duplicates. We picked out what we thought were some of the best to post here.

Picture by Susie

Picture by Susie

Picture by Susie


Chickens run loose on every island... probably decedents of the chickens brought to the islands by the original Polynesian settlers




This is debris that washed up on the beaches. Most seemed to be fishing nets and ropes.

Taro Patches (Picture by Susie)

Pieces of rope stuck in coastal rocks

Picture by Susie

Frigate Bird


Kiluea Lighthouse


White dots on the rocks and trees are Red Footed Boobies nesting

Picture by Susie

Why did the rooster cross the road? All the chicks were there.

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