Summer 2009

Gallup, NM to Santa Fe, NM

208 Miles/323 Km

14 June 2009

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Gallup, NM Home
Santa Fe, NM
N 35.5075
W 108.8120 
NM US-66
Grants, NM Home
Gallup, NM
Santa Fe, NM
N 35.1240
NM I-40
Albuquerque, NM Home
Gallup, NM
Santa Fe, NM
N 35.1054
W 106.6293
NM I-40
Santa Fe, NM Rancheros de Santa Fe Campground Home
Gallup, NM
N 35.5459
W 105.8645
NM I-25

Photographs and Commentary
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A short run today, roughly three hours, so we took our time getting out of Gallup and left around 8:30. Despite our lazy departure we made it into the campground in Santa Fe a little before noon. With the exception of about three miles, the run was all Interstate highways. The wind cooperated and did not hit us head on. In fact, there was very little wind until we approached Albuquerque. By the time we got into the RV Park in Santa Fe, the skies turned dark and shortly thereafter it started raining. This is one of the more scenic campgrounds we have been in. Our trailer is situated between pinion pines and junipers, so it is probably shady most of the time. I will take some pictures when the skies are not threatening.

After lunch the skies cleared, at least for the moment and we headed into the Plaza of Santa Fe. On one side of the Plaza sits the Palace of Governors, the oldest public building in continuous use in the United States. At the front of the Palace is a place for Native American craftsman can sell their wares, mostly jewelry and ceramics. In order to sell their wares, these artists have to be selected by a jury. Once selected, these artists have their place guaranteed. See pictures from our summer of 2006 trip through the area. I thought I was going to get lucky because we had walked through almost the entire south side of the Palace when Susie spotted an artist selling storyteller dolls. After some time Susie told the artist she would be back and we proceeded to walk through some of the shops and galleries lining the square. I'm sure the artist thought that Susie's promise to come back was a good bye and so did I. Well, the artist got lucky and I didn't... Susie bought several of her pieces.

Once Susie made her purchases, she was satisfied and we headed to her cousin Danny's house for the evening. While Susie was finalizing the deal, the skies opened up and we have had a succession of thunderstorms all afternoon and into the evening. A storm is raging outside as I write this.

Susie and Theresa Sando

Susie and artist Theresa Sando, of Jemez Pueblo, who is holding a Corn Maiden, one of the items we purchased

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