Summer 2009

Santa Fe, NM

15 June 2009

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The day started off a bit cool and worked its way into the upper 70s. No complaints in that department.

We decided to use this day as a "maintenance" day. The truck needed an oil change after 4,600 miles that included some pretty hard driving. We needed to restock our pantry so we went shopping to a local super market. When we got back in the trailer, it was time for some serious cleaning after nearly three weeks on the road. We took the rest of the afternoon for a little relaxation.

This evening we went out to dinner with Susie's cousins Danny and David.

Yesterday I wanted to post some pictures of this RV Park. Due to the weather, I postponed taking any picture until this afternoon. The campground is located about 11 miles southeast of the Santa Fe Plaza at an elevation of 7,200 feet. The view from our site is to the south... whenever the first row of sites is vacant. Most of the terrain to the south is at the same or lower elevation than our site so there are only a few higher spots visible. In the distance, you can see some mountains, which I believe are the Sandia Mountains that parallel I-25 in the vicinity of Albuquerque. When driving into town from the RV Park, mountains are visible to the north, but these are not visible from our campsite. If you want to get a better feel for the terrain in the vicinity of Santa Fe, click on "Ter" on the Google map above to get the terrain features and zoom in or out.

The pictures, below, 2nd row, show what our site looks like. The picture on the left was taken looking north from the site in the first row. Our site has trees, few of which are more than 20 feet tall. The sites in the first row do not have any trees so I feel lucky to wind up in this site. The picture on the right was taken from the west edge of the site and shows the shade provided by the trees. The trees prevent us from using our awning, but then, who needs it.

View to the south

This is the view to the south our campsite. There is a row of campsites in front of us so the view is not available to us when they are filled. These sites were filled moments after I took the picture.

Our site Our site
Dan, David and Susie Dan, David and Sam
Danny, David and Susie at our campsite Just to prove I was there!
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