Summer 2009

Myrtle Beach, SC to College Park, MD

459 Miles/734 Km

29 June 2009

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Myrtle Beach, SC Home
College Park, MD
N 33.6365
W 78.9539
SC SC-544
Fayetteville, NC Home
Myrtle Beach, SC
College Park, MD
N 34.9762
W 78.8569
NC I-95
Intersection I-295 & I-64
(Richmond Bypass)
Richmond. VA Home
Myrtle Beach, SC
College Park, MD
N 37.5209
W 77.2709
VA I-295
Williamsburg, VA
Fredericksburg, VA Home
Myrtle Beach, SC
College Park, MD
N 38.2963
W 77.5055
VA I-95
College Park, MD Cherry Hill Park Home
Myrtle Beach, SC
N 39.0249
W 76.9401
MD I-495
Washington, DC

Photographs and Commentary
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We are on our way home. In the past, we made the Myrtle Beach to home trip in one shot. That was in the days when we had our motorhome stored in our driveway. Today we need to put on an extra 100+ miles because the trailer is now stored in Chester, NY. Our destination for tonight is in College Park, MD. We camped here about 20 years ago, not long after this campground was opened. Both Susie and I had an image of the place that did not resemble reality. This campground has a conference center, cafe, and a couple of pools. It is nowhere near as large as Lakewood in Myrtle Beach and the lack of traffic on the campground roads is quite welcome. This campground is a convenient spot for a visit to DC. A short bus ride gets you to the DC Metro which will take you into town.

The ride up from Myrtle Beach was relatively uneventful. Traffic was light until we got into northern Virginia and the metropolitan Washington, DC area. I can't remember one northbound trip we made through this area over the last thirty or so that we didn't hit heavy delays getting into the intersection of I-95 and I-495. The intersection has undergone major renovations several times in the past few years and the flow is a bit better, if you don't get here during rush hour. We were therefore surprised to breeze through the intersection and were happy to see the traffic message board indicate that traffic is flowing well through the Woodrow Wilson Bridge over the Potomac River. There is construction between the intersection and the bridge and that reduced the flow to three lanes. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the message board that there was an accident in the left lane, reducing the traffic flow to two lanes and backing up the traffic for a couple of miles. It took about 15 minutes to get through the accident scene. Once past the accident scene, the traffic just opened up to the point where staying at the speed limit would cause you to be run off the road.

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