Summer 2009

Myrtle Beach, SC

28 June 2009

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Our last day at Lakewood Family Campground. We spent the same way we did the previous two days... enjoyed the beach. The only thing different about today is that the wave action is a lot stronger than the prior days. When we got to the beach in the morning it was three hours before high tide and the waves were higher and breaking stronger than we had previously seen. By noon, the waves were reaching higher on the beach, well above the level we expected. We were forced to move higher up on the beach. When we returned after lunch the tide was at its maximum. As the tide receded, the waves seemed to get angrier. Due to the wave action, fewer people ventured into the water. Still, it was a good last day on this beach.

Since we didn't have much to report on this day, I thought I would give some thoughts about this campground. As I said in the June 24th page, this is a large campground... a virtual small town. As in a small town, the campground has a grocery store, several snack bars, a coffee shop, theater, video game arcade, indoor and outdoor pool, a full time security staff, and much too much traffic. The campground roads are overwhelmed by the volume of golf cart traffic. Due to the size of the campground, many people use the golf carts to go from their sites to other parts of the campground. Golf carts are rented by the campground and it seems like there are hundreds of them running around the campground. Permanent site owners can (and do) have their own carts. Campground regulations state that only fully licensed drivers may operate the carts, but, judging by the number of kids who seem to be under age running around in carts, I would have to say that this regulation is not enforced. These kids and many adults ignore stop signs and I find driving and walking on these roads rather unnerving.

The road running along the dunes is one of the most traveled roads in the campground and the carts are joined by cars and bicycles... not a good mix. Last night, while we were on our evening walk, there was an accident involving golf carts. While I don't know all the details, it did require an ambulance to take a young girl to the hospital. Campground security blocked the dune road to allow the ambulance to get in and out unimpeded. This caused a golf cart traffic jam. In talking to some people who are campground regulars, I was told that golf cart accidents are quite common... What a surprise!

We came to Lakewood because we had good memories of prior visits to this campground. Neither Susie nor I remember golf carts as being an issue. I remember the kids riding their bikes all over the campground without worrying about that. That was 20+ years ago. If I had kids with us, I would not let them ride around the campground without me. On the plus side, the beach is great and the sites are roomy. On the negative side is the tumult (Susie's description) on the campground roads. I don't think we will be coming back to this campground. There are other smaller beach front campgrounds along the North and South Carolina coast and we will look at those the next time we come this way.

Our road

The view from our site looking towards the beach

Our road

The view from our site looking inland and some of the permanent structures. Most of these are owned by individuals and some are available for rent.

Beach road looking south

This is the beach road looking south. The campground property ends at the low rise buildings seen in the distance. This picture is unusual in that the traffic is quite light.

Beach road looking north

The beach road looking north. This view shows some of the golf cart traffic and the number of carts parked near one of several crossover to the dunes to the beach. Traffic is probably light because a lot of of the drivers are on the beach.

Beach looking south

The beach looking south from one of the dune crossovers

Indoor pool

Indoor pool, currently under renovation. In 1989, Hurricane Hugo blew the pool enclosure away and filled the pool with sand.

Theater and arcade

This building houses a theater, video game arcade and a snack bar

Permanent structures

Some of the permanent structure are elevated about 10 feet off the ground. This offers some measure of protection from a storm surge.

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