Summer 2010 Part II

Foxboro, MA

24 August 2010

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The rains continued with greater intensity than yesterday. We left the RV Park to go up to Wellesley to see our grandchildren, daughter and son in law. Our departure was timed so we would miss the bulk of the rush hour on I-95. Traffic conditions were heavier than we expected, probably weather related, and it took us a bit longer than we thought.

Rather than spend a rainy day at home, our daughter decided we should go to the Children's Museum in Boston. Ben, our oldest grandson, loves this place and we spent a few hours there before heading home for lunch. We highly recommend this museum to anyone traveling to Boston with young children. The afternoon was uneventful, Susie and Carrie went shopping while I stayed home with the kids who took a nap ( I caught a quick snooze as well). After dinner, Susie and I headed back to the RV Park in miserable driving conditions. Hopefully tomorrow will bring better weather and we can spend some time outdoors... I'm not optimistic about happening.

Ben navigating the four story maze in the Boston Children's Museum

Got to max power

Left, Ben generating electricity. The objective is to get enough
power to light 10 lights and cause the display to move...
this is hard work

Are you sure this is how John Travolta got his start



Henry and Poppa taking a break in the museum

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