Summer 2010 Part II

Foxboro, MA

25 August 2010

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Another rainy day... I wonder if we will ever see the sun again. Not a day for outdoor activities so the the visit of our daughter, Carrie, and our two grandchildren was postponed for another day. Instead we headed back to Wellesley to spend the day with Carrie and the kids.

Carrie decided that, since I had the truck with us, a trip to the town recycling facility with an old desk and playground set would be appropriate... someone forgot to tell her this is not a rainy day activity. With the trailer hitch mounted in the bed of the truck it would have been difficult to carry the desk and playground set intact. So my first task was to break up the cargo into manageable components. Instead of disassembling the cargo by unscrewing the components, I took a hand axe and had it in pieces in no time. It may have been more appropriate to use a screwdriver and hammer to do the job, but this was more satisfying after four days of rain imposed inactivity.

We spent the rest of the day at the house.

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