Summer 2010 Part II

Foxboro, MA

26 August 2010

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The rains have stopped!!! After five days of rain we finally (on our last day) got blue skies and mild temperatures. Carrie and the kids came down to Foxboro to spend the day with us. Ben has wanted to see the trailer, where Grammy and Poppa sleep, for some time so we first had to give him a tour before going to explore the RV Park. Normandy Farms Camping Resort is not your typical campground. It has a huge lodge with a separate activity loft (aimed primarily at the younger set), an adult loft, arcade, public space for shows and movies, and an indoor pool. In addition there are three outdoor pools and a couple of playgrounds for the kids.

I don't think I walked as much in any RV park, at least that I can remember. Carrie had brought Ben's bike and off we went with me trailing him. We visited one of the playgrounds and then an other. A little later, we walked to the main playground. Still later, Carrie, Susie and the kids drove up to the playground and I walked to meet them a bit later. Between all of these trips, I must have walked a couple of miles. I'm not complaining, it is a good way to lose weight. We had dinner at the snack bar adjacent to the lodge and then Carrie and the kids headed home. We had good, active and long day... we loved it.

After the kids left we started packing things for our trip home tomorrow.

Momma's credit cards... WOW...where is the nearest toy store?



Left, Look what momma left within my reach

Ben driving the wrecker

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