Summer 2011

Boise/Meridian, ID

22 June 2011

Town Information Boise National Forest

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A great day... Hot but great! When we got up this morning, it was already in the 70s and it climbed up to the upper 90s by late afternoon.

We spent part of the morning taking care of various maintenance items that needed to be done before we traveled on and then went to meet Ronne and Charlie who wanted to show us some of the points of interest around Boise. We left their home and traveled on ID-21 to Idaho City. The first part of the route followed the Boise River past Lucky Peak Dam and Lucky Peak State Recreation Area. The route then followed a narrow valley with a rushing stream, Mores Creek, paralleling the route. Idaho City was a gold mining boom town and like other boom towns eventually "busted." Many of the old buildings along Main Street have been restored and are now used for various businesses, many of them oriented to tourists. It is a fun place to walk through and imagine what life was like during the gold mining era.

After an hour or so spent walking around Idaho City we headed back towards Boise for a drive around the main sites, Boise State University, the Capitol Building and some of the parks along the Boise River. We had an early dinner and then parted company as we had to get ready for tomorrow's run to Portland, OR. We want to thank Ronne and Charlie for their hospitality and look forward to seeing them again soon.

The Oregon Trail passes behind Ronne and Charlie's Home. The fence is on their property.

Idaho City Scenes

All scenes are on Main Street

Newspaper Office

Outdoor Theater

Charlie, Ronne and Susie

The Junk House

This house stands on the upper end of Main Street. To the best of our knowledge, it is not open to the public and is not an antique dealer

Roof Detail

Some of these items are worth a lot of money on the antique or collectible market

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